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8: Let’s talk about it “step by step”

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You will learn:

  • how to describe a process or procedure in steps, using words like “first”, “next”, “then”, “lastly”;
  • words about airport and boarding a plane;

** Timestamp **
[01:27] Example sentence: how to board a plane
[02:18] Explanation
[06:08] More ways to say “first” and “next”

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** Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by thai-language.com. Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

ที่สนามบิน ก่อนอื่น ให้ไปที่เคาน์เตอร์เช็คอิน
theeF saL naamR binM
gaawnL euunL haiF bpaiM theeF khaoH dtuuhrF chekH inM
“At the airport, first go to the check-in counter.”

laaeoH gaawF lo:htL graL bpaoR
“Then check your luggage.”

laaeoH bpaiM phaanL seeM khiaaoM riH dteeF
“Then go through security check.”

sootL thaaiH haiF bpaiM theeF gaehtM
“Lastly, go to the gate.”

gaawnL euunL
“First / Before everything else”

yaangL raaekF

anM dapL raaekF

“Next / And then”

laaeoH gaawF
“Next / And then”

langR jaakL nanH
“Next / And then / Afterwards”

sootL thaaiH

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