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9: Days, time, frequency – Learn these with a story in Thai

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You will:

  • learn how to talk about days, time, and frequency in Thai;
  • continue to hear a story about Little Jenny;

** Timestamp **
[01:35] First listen of the story
[05:09] Explanation
[17:47] Summary

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** Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by thai-language.com. Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

khoonM phaawF khaawngR jaehnM neeF thamM ngaanM theeF thaH naaM khaanM
“Jenny’s father works at a bank.”

dtangF dtaaeL wanM janM johnM theungR wanM sookL
“from Monday to Friday”

baangM khrangH gaawF dtawngF thamM ngaanM naiM wanM saoR
“Sometimes he has to work on Saturday.”

khoonM maaeF khaawngR jaehnM neeF bpenM phuuF jatL gaanM
“Jenny’s mother is a manager.”

khoonM maaeF thamM ngaanM
dtangF dtaaeL wanM phootH johnM theungR wanM saoR
“Mother works from Wednesday to Saturday.”

meeM wanM yootL aaM thitH laH saamR wanM
“She has 3 days off per week.”

khoonM phaawF khoonM maaeF phaaM jaehnM neeF
bpaiM bpikH nikH deuuanM laH khrangH
“Jenny’s parents take her to a picnic once a month.”

แต่เจนนี่อยากไปปิกนิกบ่อย ๆ
dtaaeL jaehnM neeF yaakL bpaiM bpikH nikH baawyL baawyL
“But Jenny wants to go on a picnic often.”

เช่น ไปทุก ๆ อาทิตย์
chenF bpaiM thookH thookH aaM thitH
“such as going every week”

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wanM janM

wanM angM khaanM

wanM phootH

วันพฤหัส / วันพฤหัสบดี
wanM phraH reuH hatL / wanM phraH reuH hatL saL baawM deeM

wanM sookL

wanM saoR

wanM aaM thitH

baangM khrangH

บ่อย ๆ
baawyL baawyL


dtangF dtaaeL

johnM theungR

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