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10: Describing relationship status – 15 ways to talk about romantic and marital relationships in Thai

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You will learn:

  • how to ask and talk about intimate/romantic relationship status;
    Suitable for learners at a beginner level or higher

** Timestamp **
[01:24] All sentences
[04:07] Explanation
[15:32] Summary

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** Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by thai-language.com. Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

meeM faaenM reuuR yangM
meeM faaenM laaeoH reuuR yangM
“Are you dating?” “Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?”

dtaengL ngaanM reuuR yangM
dtaengL ngaanM laaeoH reuuR yangM
“Are you married?”

คุย ๆ กันอยู่
khuyM khuyM ganM yuuL
ดู ๆ กันอยู่
duuM duuM ganM yuuL
“I am seeing someone.” “We are seeing each other.”

meeM faaenM laaeoH
“I am dating.” “I have a boyfriend / girlfriend.”

pheerngF meeM faaenM
“I just started dating.”

manF ganM laaeoH
“We are engaged.” “I’m engaged.”

gamM langM jaL dtaengL ngaanM
“We are about to get married.”

dtaengL ngaanM laaeoH
“I am married.”

meeM luukF laaeoH
“I have a child / children.”

dtaengL ngaanM laaeoH dtaaeL yangM maiF meeM luukF
“I am married but I don’t have children (yet).”

yangM maiF daiF dtaengL ngaanM
“I’m not married yet.”

maiF meeM faaenM
“I am not dating.” “I don’t have a boyfriend / girlfriend.”

bpenM so:htL
“I am single.”

leerkF ganM laaeoH
“We broke up.”

pheerngF leerkF ganM
“We just broke up.”

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