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15: How to exchange currency – useful Thai expressions, currencies and numbers

You will:

  • learn sentences to be used at the money changers;
  • learn currency names;
  • practice how to express an amount of money;

** Timestamp **
[01:11] All sentences
[04:04] Explanation
[18:16] Summary
[20:11] Quizzes

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** Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

theeF neeF rapH laaekF ngernM maiR
“Do you provide currency exchange service here?” “Can I exchange money here?”

khaawR laaekF ngernM daawnM laaM bpenM ngernM baatL
“I would like to exchange Dollar to Thai Baht.”

khaawR laaekF ngernM haaF raawyH daawnM laaM bpenM ngernM baatL
“I would like to exchange 500 dollars to Thai Baht.”

atL raaM laaekF bpliianL thaoF raiL
“What is the exchange rate?”

neungL daawnM laaM laaekF daiF saamR sipL saawngR baatL
“You can exchange 1 dollar for 32 Baht.” “The exchange rate is 32 Baht for 1 dollar.”

haaF raawyH daawnM laaM laaekF daiF geeL baatL
“For 500 dollars, how much do I get in Baht?”

haaF raawyH daawnM laaM laaekF daiF neungL meuunL hohkL phanM baatL
“For 500 dollars, you get 16000 Thai Baht.” “500 dollars can be exchanged to 16000 Baht.”

khaawR baaengM yaawyF duayF daiF maiR
“Can I have small denomination banknotes as well?”

khaawR baaengM raawyH duayF daiF maiR
“Can I have the one hundred Baht banknotes as well?”

** Currencies **
บาท baatL “Baht”
ดอลลาร์ daawnM laaM “Dollar”
ดอลลาร์ออสเตรเลีย daawnM laaM aawtL dtraehM liiaM “Australian dollar”
ดอลลาร์แคนาดา daawnM laaM khaaeM naaM daaM “Canadian dollar”
ดอลลาร์สหรัฐฯ daawnM laaM saL haL ratH “US dollar”
ปอนด์ bpaawnM “Pound”
ยูโร yuuM ro:hM “Euro”
เยน yaehnM “Yen”
หยวน yuaanR “Yuan”

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