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19: At food courts – Useful Thai sentences for ordering food

You will:

  • learn words and sentences related to food courts and ordering food;

** Timestamp **
[01:07] What are Thai food courts like?
[02:09] All sentences
[04:41] Explanation for each sentence
[15:54] Summary of all sentences

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** Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

ขอซื้อคูปอง 100 บาท
khaawR seuuH khuuM bpaawngM neungL raawyH baatL
“Can I buy coupons for 100 Baht?”

laaekF khuuM bpaawngM
“to buy / exchange coupons”

laaekF kheuunM
“to refund”

ขอแลกคืน (คูปอง)
khaawR laaekF kheuunM (khuuM bpaawngM)
“Can I refund (the coupons)?”

khuuM bpaawngM neeH laaekF kheuunM daiF maiR
“Can this coupon be refunded?”

laaekF kheuunM maiF daiF
“It cannot be refunded.”

jaanM laH thaoF raiL
“How much is it per plate?”

chaamM laH thaoF raiL
“How much is it per bowl?”

khaaoF khaiL jiaaoM raaM khaaM thaoF raiL
“How much is the omelet on rice?”

guayR dtiaaoR neuuaH raaM khaaM thaoF raiL
“How much is the beef noodle?”

aoM khaaoF khaiL jiaaoM neungL jaanM
“One omelet on rice please.”

aoM guayR dtiaaoR neuuaH neungL chaamM
“One beef noodle please.”

jaaiL dtaawnM neeH reuuR waaF jaaiL theeM langR
“Do I pay now or later?”

leuuaR ngernM geeL baatL
“How much money do I still have?” “How much is left?”

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