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21: Words starting with น่า (naa). Plus, what is a morpheme and why is it important for learning Thai?

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** Timestamp & Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by thai-language.com. Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

[01:01] What are morphemes and why are they important for language learning?

[03:52] น่า (naa) + word indicating an action = worth doing …

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naaF ginM
“worth eating” “looks delicious” (literally: worth + eat)

aaM haanR jaanM nanH naaF ginM maakF
“That dish looks delicious.”

naaF duuM
“worth watching” (literally: worth + watch)

nangR reuuangF neeH naaF duuM
“This movie is worth watching.”

น่า (naa) + word indicating a feeling = making you feel …

naaF rakH
“loveable” “lovely” “cute” (literally: making you love)

khaoR bpenM khohnM naaF rakH
“He/she is loveable.”

naaF sohnR jaiM
“interesting” (literally: making you feel interested)

khaoR bpenM khohnM naaF sohnR jaiM
“He/she is interesting.”

naaF beuuaL
“boring” (literally: making you feel bored)

nangR reuuangF neeH naaF beuuaL
“This film is boring.”

naaF gluaaM
“scary” (literally: making you scared)

naaF gluaaM jangM
“This is so scary.”

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Use the following words to form sentences.

gaehmM neeH
“this game”

phlaehngM neeH
“this song”

naaF ramM khaanM
“annoying” (literally: making you feel annoyed)

naaF fangM
“worth listening to” (literally: worth + listen)

naaF saL nookL
“seems fun” (literally: making you have fun)

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