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29: Short story “Little Jenny learns English” – Thai story

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** Timestamp **
[01:07] The story in Thai
[02:59] English translation
[03:27] Explanation for each sentence
[16:54] Summary
[18:33] The Thai story in a more natural reading style

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** Thai transcription provided by thai-language.com. Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones. **

Key vocabularies:
และ laeH “and”
แต่ dtaaeL “but”
เพราะ phrawH “because”
ดังนั้น (เลย) dangM nanH (leeuyM) “therefore”
เรียน riianM “study”
สอน saawnR “teach”
อ่าน aanL “read”
ฟัง fangM “listen”
พูด phuutF “speak / say”
ตอบ dtaawpL “reply”
บางครั้ง baangM khrangH “sometimes”
ชอบ chaawpF “often” (used before words for action)
ส่วนใหญ่ suaanL yaiL “most of the time / most of it”

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naawngH jaehnM neeF geertL laeH dto:hM naiM bpraL thaehtF thaiM
“Little Jenny was born and grew up in Thailand”

dangM nanH leeuyM phuutF phaaM saaR thaiM bpenM phaaM saaR maaeF
“So she speaks Thai as her native language”

dtaaeL gaawF phuutF phaaM saaR angM gritL daiF baangF
“But she can speak some English”

phrawH riianM maaM jaakL ro:hngM riianM
“Because she learns it from school”

khoonM khruuM chaawpF saawnR duayF gaanM aanL niH thaanM
“The teachers often teach by reading stories”

laeH chaawpF phuutF phaaM saaR angM gritL gapL naawngH jaehnM neeF
“And they often speak English with Jenny”

suaanL yaiL naawngH jaehnM neeF gaawF fangM khoonM khruuM ruuH reuuangF
“Most of the time, Jenny understands what the teachers say”

dtaaeL baangM khrangH maiF ruuH jaL dtaawpL yangM ngaiM
“But sometimes she doesn’t know how to reply”

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