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31: How to describe feelings – Thai vocabularies and ใจ (jai) “heart” words

** Timestamps **
[00:58] Learn words and sentences
[21:26] Summary

** Words and sentences **
Thai transcription provided by Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

Thai words for feelings:
มีความสุข meeM khwaamM sookL
ดีใจ deeM jaiM
“happy; glad (usually in response to a specific situation)”
เสียใจ siiaR jaiM
น้อยใจ naawyH jaiM
“feel neglected / wronged / not treated fairly / not getting the love one deserves”
สบายใจ saL baaiM jaiM
“comfortable; relieved; not worrying”
โกรธ gro:htL
กลัว gluaaM
“afraid; scared”
ตื่นเต้น dteuunL dtenF
“excited; anxious; nervous”
อิจฉา itL chaaR

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Sentences describing feelings:
Key structure: person + feeling + ที่ (thee) + reason

chanR deeM jaiM theeF daiF juuhrM pheuuanF
“I’m happy that I got to meet my friend.”

chanR siiaR jaiM theeF maiF daiF juuhrM pheuuanF
“I’m sad that I didn’t get to meet my friend.”

khaoR naawyH jaiM theeF faaenM leuumM wanM geertL
“He/she feels wronged/neglected that boyfriend/girlfriend forgot their birthday.”

maaeF saL baaiM jaiM theeF luukF glapL theungR baanF laaeoH
“The mother feels relieved that her child arrived home.”

chanR gro:htL theeF pheuuanF maiF kheuunM ngernM haiF chanR
“I’m angry that my friend didn’t return money to me.”

chanR gluaaM pheeR
“I’m afraid of ghosts.”

khaoR gluaaM theeF dtawngF bpaiM ro:hngM phaH yaaM baanM
“He/she is afraid of going to the hospital.”

chanR dteuunL dtenF theeF jaL daiF bpaiM thiaaoF aL maehM riH gaaM
“I’m excited I get to travel in America.”

chanR itL chaaR theeF pheuuanF jaL daiF bpaiM thiaaoF aL maehM riH gaaM
“I’m jealous that my friend gets to travel in America.”

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