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4: 10 expressions to help you learn more Thai during a conversation

You will learn:

  • useful phrases to use when you don’t understand or need clarification;
  • how to ask questions, so you can keep learning Thai while engaging in a conversation;
    Suitable for learners at a beginner level or higher

** Timestamp **
[01:15] All sentences
[05:25] Explanation for each sentence

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** Sentences **
Thai transcription provided by Capital letters at the end of each syllable indicate tones.

ขอโทษ ไม่เข้าใจ
khaawR tho:htF maiF khaoF jaiM
“Sorry, I don’t understand.”

phuutF eekL theeM daiF maiR
“Can you say that again?”

พูดช้า ๆ หน่อยได้ไหม
phuutF chaaH chaaH naawyL daiF maiR
“Can you speak slowly please?”

phaaM saaR angM gritL bplaaeM waaF aL raiM
“What does it mean in English?”

phaaM saaR thaiM phuutF waaF yangM ngaiM
“How do you say that in Thai?”

phuutF yaangL neeH chaiF maiR
“This is how you say it, right?” “Is this correct?”

phuutF yaangL neeH daiF maiR
“Can I say it this way?” “Is this sentence okay?”

khamM neeH chaiH yangM ngaiM
“How do you use this word?”

khiianR haiF naawyL daiF maiR
“Can you write that down for me please?”

ช่วยพูดภาษาไทยกับฉันเยอะ ๆ นะคะ
chuayF phuutF phaaM saaR thaiM gapL chanR yuhH yuhH naH khaH
ช่วยพูดภาษาไทยกับผมเยอะ ๆ นะครับ
chuayF phuutF phaaM saaR thaiM gapL phohmR yuhH yuhH naH khrapH
“Please speak Thai to me frequently.” “Please speak a lot of Thai to me”

** Extra sentences **

phaaM saaR saL bpaehnM bplaaeM waaF aL raiM
“What does it mean in Spanish?”

phaaM saaR jeenM bplaaeM waaF aL raiM
“What does it mean in Chinese?”

คำว่า … ใช้ยังไง
khamM waaF … chaiH yangM ngaiM
“How do you use the word …?”

chanR chaawpF aaM haanR thaiM
“I like Thai food.”

chanR chaawpF aaM haanR thaiM meuuanR ganM
“Similar to you, I also like Thai food.”

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