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Flashcards 📇

Use these audio flashcards to practice your Thai vocabulary. Go to the flashcard Options ⚙️ and turn on Thai audio so you can hear Nan’s voice.

Greetings, Numbers, Numbers in phrases, Food and drink, Common verbs, Daily activities, Body parts, Clothing, Colors, Family members, Animals, Days, Months, Time, Seasons and activities

😊 Greetings

1️⃣ Numbers

1️⃣ Numbers in phrases

🥛 Food and drink

🏃‍♀️ Common verbs

🛏️ Daily activities

✋ Body parts

👚 Clothing

🌈 Colors

👨‍👧 Family members

🐻 Animals

🗓️ Days

🗓️ Months

⌚ Time

☀️ Seasons and activities (based on You too can learn Thai podcast EP 83-88): https://quizlet.com/711817621/flashcards