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November 2022 update: This Google Doc contains transcripts of all episodes.


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41: Seven mistakes to avoid when learning Thai – Interview with Khun Victoria
40: Twenty minutes of Thai listening practice
39: Studying Thai abroad vs. Immersing yourself in Thailand
38: How to improve your Thai listening and speaking skills
37: Thai self-study tips for beginners
36: What inspired you to learn Thai
35: Population in Thailand and the world
34: Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – How to describe and communicate in Thai

33: Som Tum (papaya salad) – Thai free talk and listening practice
32: Practice words for feelings – Thai vocabulary exercise
31: How to describe feelings – Thai vocabularies and ใจ (jai) “heart” words
30: Thai proverbs made of simple words – อยู่ (yuu) “to be / to live”
29: Short story “Little Jenny learns English” – Thai story
28: Listener Q&A – Your Thai grammar questions on เป็น, ได้, etc.
27: Mona Lisa (2) – Thai free talk and listening practice
26: Mona Lisa (1) – Thai free talk and listening practice
25: Thai conjunction exercise – Practice using และ (lae) “and” หรือ (reuu) “or” แต่ (dtaae) “but” เพราะ (phraw) “because” ดังนั้น (dang nan) “therefore”

24: Thai conjunctions “and” “or” “but” “because” “therefore” “by the way”
23: Words containing กลาง (glaang) “middle / center” – Thai vocabulary lesson
22: Words starting with เพื่อน (pheuuan) “friend” – Expand your Thai vocabularies and learn a proverb
21: Words starting with น่า (naa). Plus, what is a morpheme and why is it important for learning Thai?
20: At food courts – Thai listening practice and dialogue examples
19: At food courts – Useful Thai sentences for ordering food
18: Many ways to say “very” in Thai
17: ถ้า (thaa) “if” reverse translation exercises – Thai grammar and exercise
16: How to use ถ้า (thaa) “if” – Thai grammar

15: How to exchange currency – useful Thai expressions, currencies and numbers
14: Taking a taxi – Thai listening practice and dialogue example
13: How to talk about illness and describe your symptoms in Thai
12: How to respond when people compliment on your Thai
11: How to refuse politely in Thai, plus several dialogue examples
10: Describing relationship status – 15 ways to talk about romantic and marital relationships in Thai

9: Days, time, frequency – Learn these with a story in Thai
8: Let’s talk about it “step by step”
7: Uninterrupted listening practice for Thai parts of the first 6 episodes
6: Holiday greetings and special day wishes in Thai
5: Keep learning Thai during a conversation – a dialogue for ep4
4: 10 expressions to help you learn more Thai during a conversation
3: Short story “Little Jenny’s daily routine”
2: Thai listening practice (level 2, food topic)

1: Thai listening practice (level 1, food topic)